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Architectural Wire Mesh Curtains

Providing architects and designers a higher degree of design flexibility over alternative woven metal products along with lower cost and faster lead times.

Our metal coiled wire fabric systems are manufactured from the widest range of metals and are offered in a great variety of colors and finishes – providing architects and designers a higher degree of design flexibility over alternative woven metal products. In addition, our manufacturers methods create significant efficiencies, which we can then pass along to our customers via lower costs and shorter lead times.


With translucency that delivers a simultaneously open and closed feel, our Architectural Wire Mesh Systems fulfills a variety of performance functions like energy efficiency, solar control, partitioning, security, blast protection, and so much more. The metal wire mesh fabric is available in unlimited widths and up to 40 feet in length, and can even be spliced together at the installation site. Our high-quality architectural metal wire mesh options are available in durable powder coatings, low-VOC lacquer finishes, and custom colors.

The Material – Coiled Architectural Metal Wire Mesh

Our Architectural Metal Wire Mesh begins with a base metal wire available in varieties of steel, aluminum, brass, copper, or stainless steel. Wire metal mesh material and gauge impact weight, functionality, and aesthetics - so if there are any questions we can help you select the best material and gauge based on your architectural project requirements.

Our Metal Wire Mesh looks and performs like traditional woven metal but is far more affordable. This affordability lets architects and designers flex their creativity, creating signature interiors and exteriors, and turning architectural projects with even very modest budgets into something special.



We are committed to providing coiled metal wire fabrics for architects and designers that offer significant building performance and environmental benefits. Our coiled metals have proven energy performance through independent testing showing up to 5.7% energy consumption savings for interior applications and 21.3% for exteriors. It is effective for retrofitting buildings that lack high-performance glazing. Both internal and external applications significantly increase occupant comfort by mitigating sunlight, reducing glare, and controlling interior temperatures. These Metal Wire Mesh Systems are an environmentally responsible material that is Living Challenge Red List Free, 100% recyclable, and no toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. It creates a low carbon footprint by using domestically sourced materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Additionally, our wire is sourced from manufacturers who use a high percentage of recycled content, some as high as 90% scrap base.

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