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Tufftec Lockers

Engineered for strength and durability, Scranton Products’ plastic lockers are better than metal due to their wear-resistance and low-maintenance. Formulated from a homogenous color-throughout compound, Tufftec Lockers are a durable, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing locker in the industry and they are backed by our 25-year limited warranty.

Tufftec Lockers® provide solutions for many industries looking to remodel or design their locker rooms. Our Tufftec lockers are constructed from solid plastic known as HDPE, which is engineered for strength and durability. HDPE plastic lockers can withstand the harshest daily use and offer facility managers low maintenance.

Benefits of HDPE Commercial Lockers:

Durable, Scratch & Grafitti Resistant

Resistant to Mold & Bacteria

Low Maintenance Costs

Various Styles & Options For Custom Locker Design

Why Plastic Lockers

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a highly durable plastic used to create stable and secure lockers that can stand up to the elements. HDPE plastic lockers are resistant to impacts, dents, and scratches, which not only allows the lockers to remain undamaged, but they won’t require a paint job that could affect your air quality.

Our HDPE lockers are also impermeable to moisture, which makes them resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold. So, due to their solid construction, no mold will grow inside or outside the lockers. Your air quality also will remain intact, and any dirt or graffiti can be easily wiped away.

These lockers come in various styles with numerous venting and locking options. You can even customize Tufftec lockers to feature an engraving to represent your facility. One of the most important factors about Tufftec solid plastic lockers is that they’re sustainable. These commercial and locker room lockers are built to last and are 100% recyclable.

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