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Sliding Glass Walls

These designs can uniquely define retail spaces, restaurants, meeting spaces, and lounge areas.


Creative builds with endless options to bring your flexible space to life.

CPE's sliding glass walls are designed for interior and exterior builds with various track systems. The walls are suspended from above, with or without a floor track. This brings many design options to the table making way for creative opportunities to come to life. 


Sliding glass walls offer an affordable and flexible solution for commercial and retail uses. This type of interior/exterior wall system is an excellent alternative to the traditional solid fixed wall. 


You can choose between framed or frameless glass panels along with multiple esthetic finishes. Sliding glass walls can be built in both aluminum and vinyl-composite framing to meet the needs of each residential and commercial application. You can stack the glass panels at any angle relative to the track, outside or inside of a pocket expanding the view to the outside world.

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