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Complete Partitions & Equipment is pleased to represent Koroseal Vinyl Wallcoverings. Below is a wide array of our standard vinyl offerings in various styles and colors. Should you have a specific style/color not listed below, no worries! CPE can accomodate special orders on any product that our manufacturer produces. 

Gridlock Boulevard G521-03

Total Ply

Roll Width

Federal Spec

WA Spec

Fire Tesing

Mildew Resistant


CFFA-W 101-D 

21 oz PLY

53-55 inch

CCC-W-408A, Type II

WA-101, Type II

NFPA 101® Life Safety Code®

NFPA255 (UL723, CAN S102M) Tunnel                    Test Class A Rating NFPA 286 Corner            Burn Test2 Meets requirements for              Flame Spread, Smoke                                    Developed and Flashover

Meets the published flame spread and            smoke development Fire Hazard                  Classifications Ratings when tested            according to ASTM-E84 


All wallcoverings have been tested and            comply with paragraph 3.6 “Mildew              Resistance” of CCC-W-408D and                  paragraph 7.18 “Mildew Resistance”              of ASTM F793, Standard Classification          of Wallcovering by Durability                        Characteristics.”

Meets Federal Specification

Meets Federal Specification

Cleaning Instructions:      


The normal cleaning of the wallcoverings should be done with mild ingredients such as soap, detergent, and water. If stained and a stronger cleaning is required, the use of a liquid household cleaner can be used.

Finishes can be discolored with the use of caustic cleaners and we recommend only the use of a mild soap solution for cleaning these products.

Desert Sand 
Linden II