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Sliding Room Dividers

Create privacy on demand with a room divider that stacks to open and slides nearly silently to close. Space saving solutions enhance functionality in offices, classrooms, hospitals, hotels, and multi-unit lofts and just about any office space you can think of. 

Optimize your space with floor to ceiling or open air Room Dividing Partitions. Available with various track, glass types, accessories, and frame options. Improve the productivity and atmosphere with collaborative solutions that will allow teams to create and innovate. Our diverse assortment of glass partitions that foster teamwork and innovation coupled with private office enclosures that lock, create the perfect balance within any environment.


Our transformative spaces are crafted from the highest grade materials, designed to create a more flexible and functional environment. Glass walls and partitions allow for natural light and easy customization to optimize functionality. Revolutionary systems including sliders, swing doors, bi-folds, fixed glass walls, and suspended solutions provide privacy on demand.

We have solved the challenge of needing each office front master-keyed, keyed-alike, or individually which speaks volumes for building developers, property managers, and company owners, not to mention our solutions can be master keyed to store front too! With the Lockitron Bolt for businesses you can make life easier with keyless entry. Now, unlocking your door can be as easy as a simple touch of your phone. Imagine giving a “one time contractor” access for only as long as the project needs it. No more changing locks or access codes. This flexibility is super convenient, safe, and trackable.

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  • The Sliding Door Company uses materials with the least environmental impact at both the production and installation stages.

  • Due to the simplicity of our product line, we use very few materials and keep the installations easy with no full construction required.

  • The aluminum extrusions are made with all new raw materials and are fully recyclable.


Our entire product line helps commercial and residential clients alike to reduce and manage sources of indoor pollutants.

Create unique flexible space.
Tell us about your project today.

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